Grass Valley T2™ Elite (A) iDDR

Grass Valley T2™ Elite (A) iDDR

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The T2 iDDR is a:

  • Complete and self-contained 2-channel SD/HD video playout centre
  • Tapeless HD broadcast recorder and player
  • Online clip editing and playout system
  • Networked VTR that shares active media files with video editors

It has two playback channels and one record channel, all simultaneously and independently available, supporting full 1920x1080 (60/50/24) resolution, as well as 720p and 480i formats.

You can ingest live video on the record channel, play edited content on one playback channel, and edit sub-clips on the second play channel, all at the same time. This makes the T2 perfect for live stage events, sports scoreboards, and corporate events.

Front panel controls
The T2 includes familiar controls that you would expect in any conventional VTR: a shuttle-jog knob, play, pause, fast forward and rewind. But, unlike a conventional VTR, transition effects are integrated.

For additional user control the T2 has a large, high resolution touchscreen which also doubles as a full preview monitor for each playback channel.

T2 Elite 900GB Approx. 12 Hours RAID 0 (480GB SSD x2) 2.5" SSD bay x2


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